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Phytophagous beetles of Europe
Tome 2 Chrysomelidæ

Texts and illustrations : Gaëtan du CHATENET
Forword : Yves COINEAU
© 2002

This new guide deals with the families of Chrysomelidae, which one can meet from the Scandinavian northern peninsula to Sicily, and from the Iberian peninsula to Austria. The work is intended for all the non-professional entomologists, beetles collectors and scientists of course.

The first part of the book will introduce the internal and external morphology of the beetles, their reproduction and their development, their various habitats, their harvest and their conservation.

Thanks to very precise illustrations of the beetles, descriptions and geographical charts of distribution, the readers will be able to determine main of the species presented in this book. He will also learn how and where to find them.

Coléoptères phytophages d'europe tome 2  
> Hardback cover
> 260 pages
> Size 13 x 20,5 cm
> Bound book
> 54 €
> ISBN 2-913688-04-7
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